Monday, May 26, 2008


Recommended shoes: Biker boots!
There's been lots of changes in the past couple of months. One is that I'm the new editor of the Denver motorcycle rag, Motorcycle Rider News (MRN). Check out this month's (May/June) cover -- long story but short story is that we had our cover all ready to go and got a nix on the cover peeps. We scrambled and came up with a picture of me, on a rented Softail, overlooking the Grand Canyon. What a way to see the Grand Canyon, riding along and experiencing the amazing, awe-inspiring view of the Grand Canyon.

I am also blogging on, so check out my first blog about scooting around Denver this weekend. What I didn't post on that blog was a picture of my daughter, Bethany, who is the weekend bartender at In The Zone Sports Bar in Golden (another link to its MySpace site). So here's your look at my #2 daughter...

Keep riding, Diana

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scotland Pipers & Kilts

This is from my Where in the World is Diana Blog

Scotland, Pipers & Kilts
May 8th, 2008
SHOES: The urban legend is true -- the pipers go commando under those kilts! Okay that's a bit distracting, isn't it? Bring comfortable shoes to Scotland, as there's lots of walking. If you want to head out at night, the pubs are the place to be, and you can go with comfort or those incredible stilettos -- your call!

The flight is always the worst part of the journey, even more so when you’re flying across the pond to Scotland. But I’m here, and I arrived to an overcast (typical) day in Edinburgh after an overnight flight through Newark then to Edinburgh.
It’s been a whirlwind sort of trip, always heading to the next place with barely enough time to explore. Sunday (April 27) we began our journey with tea, coffee, mimosas and pastries at Rocco Forte’s The Balmoral. We were greeted by staff dressed in kilts — what a way to start the journey into Scotland. Checked in to this striking historic hotel, took a quick walkabout in downtown Edinburgh, near CityCentre. Lunch at The Dome, drinks on board the Royal Yacht Brittannia.
I knew I’d come home when our tour guide for the royal yacht, really more like a cruise ship, was named Viv Rowe, a grizzled little man retired from the Royal Navy, with a welcoming smile and the gift of gab — ah yes, I thought he must be a relative.
Dinner back at The Balmoral. A “piper” serenaded us and played a wee bit of pipes, culminating in the haggis and hummus ceremony. While the vision of sheep’s intestines and other innards is a bit off-putting, I did give it a sample. It tastes rather rich and spicy, and I much preferred the mashed potato part of the haggis “cake.” The traditional Scotch whisky was the perfect compliment, mostly to make you forget about what you were really eating.
I finally stumbled my way back to my room, partly due to not having slept for a day, and then perhaps a wee bit of the blame might be the Scotch whisky and wine…
More soon!