Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Harley Cross Bones Picture

Hello all -- just back from my scurried travels, starting in Fort Lauderdale's Hyatt Regency Bonaventure, then scooting on over the Foxwoods Resort & Casino. I'll jot a note about Foxwoods in a day or two, but drum roll please.

Here's a picture of mama's new bike. Yep that's me on my 2008 Harley Cross Bones. This weekend's weather forecast for Denver is 60+ degrees. That means I'll be out on my scoot putting on a few miles. Shoes I'll be wearing? Biker boots, of course, just like the picture below.

What do you think? It's a hot bike, isn't it?

Until later, Diana

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Motorcycle for Diana

Shoes: Biker boots -- or as my dad calls them "engineer boots"
Okay, just the words "engineer boots" make me shudder, but hey, it is what it is. Black, heavy and sturdy especially around the toes. Some have heels, others more flat footed but with plenty of sole -- and of course, the biker chick provides the SOUL.

But I digress. Mama bought her first Harley Saturday at Freedom Harley. I pick it up tomorrow, and it's hot, hot, hot! Check out my blog on my web site for the shopping details. But here's the short of the long story. It's the new 2008 designed "dark custom" called Harley Cross Bones (click on Dark Custom), a nostalgic mix of an Old Springer. The best part is that it fits me! I'm not very tall -- just under 5'7" but after riding the Harley Softtail through the Grand Canyon, I was a bit concerned that Harley might not be the bike for me. I was wrong and tomorrow, when it's 50+ degrees here in Denver, I'll be leathering up to go pick up my bike.

I'll add a picture tomorrow. That's all for now.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Girlfriend, it's all about the shoes!

As as a single female, often traveling alone, and with the continued restrictions on baggage (carry-on and checked), I always take more shoes than the "normal" traveller Let me explain...

I read this greeting card forever ago that features a woman on the front saying something like, "What separates women from animals?" Then you open it up, and it says, "Why it's our ability to accessorize, girl!"

Am I the only girl that often carries the second bag and fills it with shoes? I mean which shoes do you pack when you want to include all options on your trip -- without going over weight limits? I want my flip flops for the beach, yet what if I have a chance to rent a motorcycle? Well, then I'll need my biker boots. After a day riding the road with the wind in my face, what if I want to follow the day with fine-dining? Well, then I'll need my come-to-mama-high heels to compliment my flirty dress. Or perhaps I want to swing my clubs at a top ranked golf course, that means I have to pack my golf shoes! You see what I mean? There's so many challenges to traveling.

So talk to me, chicas! What's a girl to do if she can't pack a second suitcase with shoes? Maybe $25 isn't much (and is that EACH way???), but those extra bucks could go to another pair of shoes, right?

Until next time! Diana

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All-Inclusive Mexico resorts

SHOES: Flip-flops, chica! But don't forget the strappy sandals for the nightlife.

I just posted this on American Express' new "membersknow.com" space, and thought it would be great for my blog too. For those that see this again, sorry! but hey, all comments are welcome.
For example, what are your favorite Mexican all-inclusive resorts?

EXCERPT from above blog:
Hello all, just joining this conversation, as a frequent visitor to Mexico.

Another tip for those traveling to Mexico, whether seasoned or new. All-inclusives are SO worth it, especially those on a budget. You know upfront that your airfare, hotel, transportation, food & drinks at a hotel will be XXX dollars. However, you don't have to feel like you're getting second-hand accommodations and crappy buffets. There are some over-the-top all-inclusives, some mid-range, and some definitely budget conscious. Pick and choose wisely, a hundred dollars more or less can make a big difference, and don't be afraid to take suggestions. ;-)

Speaking of suggestions... In December, I previewed the new Barceló Maya Palace (opened the end of December in Riviera Maya 20 minutes from Playa: http://www.mayapalacerivieramaya.com/). It's an All-Suite Ultra- Luxe Property and the Fifth Hotel at the Fabulous Barceló Maya Palace Resort -- and the best part it's only about $25 more person for the ultra experience. Guests at Maya Palace enjoy all 5 hotels, restaurants & amenities, although the other four hotels are not allowed access. It's absolutely GORGEOUS! My hubby and I wished we could've stayed there (but it wasn't open yet...), and still our favorite all-inclusives are Barcelo's Riviera Maya resorts.

However, I must echo Bluedog (from Amex blog). Even when the resort is all-inclusive, make sure you tip. The people in Mexico are gracious and kind, and even a $1 tip (in an economy that $5-$10 PER DAY is big bucks!) is appreciated, and it sure makes you feel good without denting your pocketbook.

Bueno, diana

Monday, February 04, 2008

Acapulco Mexico

SHOES: Flip-flops and flirty sandals for dress-up, baby!

I love Mexico. The climate, the people, the culture, the language, the food -- oh, and the tequila. I try to travel there at least every couple of months because there's always something new happening, and well, I just love Mexico.

Here's a review I wrote for one of my publications on two properties that I stayed while in Acapulco, back in September, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess and the Fairmont Pierre Marques.

Fairmont Acapulco Princess
Situated in three Aztec–style pyramid buildings on Revolcadero Beach, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess is a massive luxury hotel with 1,017 rooms, including seven penthouse suites. The high–rise somehow still manages to serve up a laid–back charm and consistent service, plus the 480 acres of grounds and golf course offer plenty of room to roam.

Fairmont Pierre Marques
The love affair of the Fairmont Pierre Marques began when oil tycoon J. Paul Getty built this private hideaway in Acapulco's exclusive Diamante district. Several owners and millions of dollars of renovations later, this intimate, beachfront getaway is framed by an exclusive neighborhood, the Pacific Ocean and the emerald slopes of Mexico's Sierra Madre.

As you can see, my whole experience at these two resorts was over-the-top.
What do you think?
Until next time (and hopefully sooner...)