Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yelp! Chit Chat Bistro Arvada, Colorado

Girlfriend getaways can be as simple as lunch and a glass (or two) of wine. Yesterday I took time out from a busy day (and let's be honest what day isnt' busy?) to meet my friend, Laurie, for lunch at a new restaurant, Chit Chat Bistro, near where we live in Arvada (west of Denver).

We're both amateur foodies who love to try new places and hope for the best. This time, we discovered a real gem: Chit Chat Bistro, just west of Ward on 58th Avenue. if you blink, you'll miss it because it's located in the west corner of an office building. But it's worth the trip. The food is yummy! The Italiano classico panini with marinara sauce on the side -- the panini bread is fresh and the right amount of crunchy, the marinara sauce fresh, oh and side salad with the fresh! balsamic vinegar dressing is to die for. My fork found it's way to my girlfriend's Classique de deli crepe, a huge portion, fresh, just the right amount of light. Very affordable: appetizers $5-$11; Soup and salads from $3.50 - $9; lunch plates $8 and dinners $9.50-$16.

It's casual and homey. Even Chef Niko stopped by our table. The piped music is so Greek, reminescent of the flick, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Go there. You'll love Chit Chat Bistro.

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  1. Being the Chef, and having my Life dedicated to The Bistro, I always appreciate Life more when our Guests are Happy with our performance! I want to say THANK YOU For your kind wards and description for our restaurant! Again,
    A big THANKS to you Girls!

    Chef Niko