Tuesday, June 29, 2010

King Tut exhibit opens today in Denver

The debut of one of the biggest exhibits in Denver history is TODAY -- King Tut has arrived! That's right walk like an Egyptian and get thee to the King Tut Exhibit at Denver Art Musueum, starting today June 29 through January 9, 2011. (Childen 5 and under are FREE!)

Colorful, interesting with tiny glimpses inside the world of Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs, featuring striking objects from
some of the most important rulers throughout 2,000 years of ancient Egyptian history, from the 4th Dynasty into the Late Period (about 2,600 B.C. to 660 B.C.). The artifacts are from a variety of temples and royal and private tombs, and many of these items have never before visited the United States prior to this exhibition tour.

On Friday, I was fortunate enough to be given a preview* of this ancient Egyptian exhibit that highlights young King Tut and the artifacts in his tomb, from his tiny chair/throne to his golden sandals. (*Courtesy of Denver Art Museum, VISIT DENVER and Hyatt folks!)

The exhibit begins, in a dark tomb-like gallery with a film overview of the great Pharaohs, narrated by Harrison Ford. Your movements flow through galleries, almost eerie in its low lighting with the Egyptian music playing in the background to set the tone, while listening to the audio guide of the artifacts. (NOTE: Make sure you spend the extra $5 to add the audio and 3D film -- it's worth its price in gold!)

Whatever the reason, the curator and/or design team of this exhibit makes the visitor feel like she is right there, discovering the ancient tombs.  You will walk through spaces exploring some of the most important pharaohs in Egyptian history, before ending with the discovery of the tomb of King Tut, and you'll share the the excitement British explorer Howard Cater must have felt in 1922 when his water boy discovered the entrance to King Tut's tomb.

Book your ticket now. Better yet, skip the lines and be a King Tut VIP! Stay downtown and purchase one of several Tut packages at participating hotels, such as the Grand Hyatt Denver or Hyatt Regency at Colorado Convention Center! Read more about the King Tut exhibit here.

I'd love to hear about your King Tut experience. Share your comments below.

Until next time, Diana 
Photos © 2010 Diana Rowe All rights reserved

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