Monday, August 02, 2010

Pilots reject Mexicana Airlines proposal

According to travel journalist Jimm Budd 's e-newsletter, pilots have rejected a Mexicana Airlines proposal to either accept massive salary reductions or buy the debt-ridden company. Mexicana argues that its pilots earn far more than their colleagues at leading airlines in the United States and three or four times as much as do pilots at some other airlines in Mexico. Pilots respond that poor management has led to this crisis. They demand federal intervention. Mexicana was purchased a few years ago by a group headed by the Posadas de México hotel chain. It had been in receivership.

Mexicana owns only nine of the 62 jets in its fleet. There is speculation that owners will allow the company to crash and shift its routes to affiliates Mexicana Click and Mexicana Link. Or it may merge with Aeroméxico.

Used with permission from Jimm Budd.

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