Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All-Inclusive Mexico resorts

SHOES: Flip-flops, chica! But don't forget the strappy sandals for the nightlife.

I just posted this on American Express' new "membersknow.com" space, and thought it would be great for my blog too. For those that see this again, sorry! but hey, all comments are welcome.
For example, what are your favorite Mexican all-inclusive resorts?

EXCERPT from above blog:
Hello all, just joining this conversation, as a frequent visitor to Mexico.

Another tip for those traveling to Mexico, whether seasoned or new. All-inclusives are SO worth it, especially those on a budget. You know upfront that your airfare, hotel, transportation, food & drinks at a hotel will be XXX dollars. However, you don't have to feel like you're getting second-hand accommodations and crappy buffets. There are some over-the-top all-inclusives, some mid-range, and some definitely budget conscious. Pick and choose wisely, a hundred dollars more or less can make a big difference, and don't be afraid to take suggestions. ;-)

Speaking of suggestions... In December, I previewed the new Barceló Maya Palace (opened the end of December in Riviera Maya 20 minutes from Playa: http://www.mayapalacerivieramaya.com/). It's an All-Suite Ultra- Luxe Property and the Fifth Hotel at the Fabulous Barceló Maya Palace Resort -- and the best part it's only about $25 more person for the ultra experience. Guests at Maya Palace enjoy all 5 hotels, restaurants & amenities, although the other four hotels are not allowed access. It's absolutely GORGEOUS! My hubby and I wished we could've stayed there (but it wasn't open yet...), and still our favorite all-inclusives are Barcelo's Riviera Maya resorts.

However, I must echo Bluedog (from Amex blog). Even when the resort is all-inclusive, make sure you tip. The people in Mexico are gracious and kind, and even a $1 tip (in an economy that $5-$10 PER DAY is big bucks!) is appreciated, and it sure makes you feel good without denting your pocketbook.

Bueno, diana

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