Thursday, February 07, 2008

Girlfriend, it's all about the shoes!

As as a single female, often traveling alone, and with the continued restrictions on baggage (carry-on and checked), I always take more shoes than the "normal" traveller Let me explain...

I read this greeting card forever ago that features a woman on the front saying something like, "What separates women from animals?" Then you open it up, and it says, "Why it's our ability to accessorize, girl!"

Am I the only girl that often carries the second bag and fills it with shoes? I mean which shoes do you pack when you want to include all options on your trip -- without going over weight limits? I want my flip flops for the beach, yet what if I have a chance to rent a motorcycle? Well, then I'll need my biker boots. After a day riding the road with the wind in my face, what if I want to follow the day with fine-dining? Well, then I'll need my come-to-mama-high heels to compliment my flirty dress. Or perhaps I want to swing my clubs at a top ranked golf course, that means I have to pack my golf shoes! You see what I mean? There's so many challenges to traveling.

So talk to me, chicas! What's a girl to do if she can't pack a second suitcase with shoes? Maybe $25 isn't much (and is that EACH way???), but those extra bucks could go to another pair of shoes, right?

Until next time! Diana


  1. No extra footwear in my bags. I have the world's hardest-to-fit feet (5-D -- almost square), so I don't HAVE that many shoes to begin with. Couldn't fill an extra bag if I wanted to.

    C;aire @

  2. Why hello Claire, geesh a 5-D to my 8B means you could fit your shoes in a half suitcase. :) Nice seeing you around!